With the desire to share a singular intrepreneurial experience with the public , together with the story of a unique product closley related the Calabrian land, the Amarelli family has opened this Museum. A history of work, culture, challenge, and customs, deeply rooted in Rossano, in the land of Calabria, on the street named after the family, Contrada Amarelli. A story to see with one’s eyes, read, listen to and to experience in the Liquorice Museum “Giorgio Amarelli”.

The Liquorice Museum “Giorgio Amarelli” ( has won the award “Premio Gugghenheim Impresa & Cultura” in 2001 and also in 2004 Poste Italiane (the Italian public postal service company) has dedicated a postage stamp to it, part of the series “Il Patrimonio artistico e culturale italiano” (The Italian artistic and cultural heritage).
The Museum is located within the late 15th Century historic residence, since always home and production plant of the Amarelli family.

The strict architecture, refined by eighteenth-century adjustments, the antique rooms, the cotto and cobblestone pavements, the citrus trees in the gardens. The small church annexed, are the living testimonies of that history and of that cultural tradition which you will find within the set-up of the Museum.

With over 40.000 vistors per year, the Liquorice Museum in Rossano is, according to a research by Touring Club Italiano, the second most visited intrepreneurial museum in Italy just after the Ferrari Museum.

The Museum is pertaining to the Archive, which stores the family and business documents from 1445 to today, and which, by decree dated 20/12/2012 of The Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities , has been announced “of special historic Interest”.


Enter Amarelli museum

Amarelli è la liquirizia italiana famosa nel mondo, dal 1731.

Se sei un professionista ti invitiamo ad entrare nel nostro mondo: riceverai informazioni sui nostri prodotti, suggestioni d'uso e materiale studiato unicamente per i professionisti come te.