Our History

rossa-cerchioA long history of passion, culture, challenges and customs deeply rooted in Rossano, in the land of Calabria where Liquorice roots have always grown and is renown by scientific tests as the best in the world.

Antique documents testify that around the 16th Century, the Amarelli family was already involved in the activity of harvesting and sales of Liquorice roots, at the time highly valued for its invigorating features, for those, such as pilgrims and soldiers, who undertook long marches, and also heavy labour workers.

In the beginning of the 18th Century first ideas of juice extraction were born, in order to obtain a preservable and transportable product with the aim of marketing Liquorice on a larger scale.

Therefore in 1731, the first proto-industrial plant for root juice extraction was founded in a great warehouse, called “concio”.
Today the structure is skilfully renovated and in compliance with all the current regulations on the topics of product hygiene and occupational safety. Here is where Liquorice candy is born, black, glossy, tempting, a delight for children, but especially for adults who love and enjoy a healthy and natural lifestyle . With the desire to share this singular story with the public, the family has opened the Liquorice Museum “Giorgio Amarelli” (www.museodellaliquirizia.it) which won the award “Premio Gugghenheim Impresa & Cultura” in 2001 and for which Poste Italiane (the Italian public postal service company) has dedicated a postage stamp, part of the series “Il Patrimonio artistico e culturale italiano” (The Italian artistic and cultural heritage) in 2004.

Among objects of the past and vintage labels, the Museum also gifts the public with a special entrepreneurial experience, as well as the story of a unique product of the Calbrian region. The achievement as one of oldest Italian confectionary industries, is confirmed by its being part of the International Association “Les Hénokiens” (www.henokiens.com), an exclusive “club” located in Paris, which gathers the oldest (at least bi-centennial) family ventures in the world.

Amarelli è la liquirizia italiana famosa nel mondo, dal 1731.

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