Honey & Liquorice Sweets

Honey & Liquorice Sweets

Delicious Italian honey and Amarelli liquorice sweets individually wrapped, no food colouring and glutenfree.

  • Also available in packages of 125 gr and 1 Kg

  • Ingredients

    Sweetner: maltitolo syrup
    Gelling agent: gum arabic
    Soft extract of liquorice
    Stabilizer: glycerol
    Sweetner: acesultame K
    Coating: beeswax

    Nutrition facts

    Calories 122 Kcal / 510 KJ
    Proteins 0 gr
    Carbohydrates 51 gr
    Fat 0 gr
    Dietary fiber 33 gr
    Sodium 0 gr

  • Fit for grownups and children, with the natural sweetness of Italian honey and the unique flavour of true Amarelli liquorice worked according to pluri-secular tradition.

    An enjoyable product, delicate, soothening and softening, great for throat and voice.

Amarelli è la liquirizia italiana famosa nel mondo, dal 1731.

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