Our Production


The result of a successful bond between traditional know-how and modern technology, every processing step from raw material all the way to the finished product, still takes place in the antique eighteenth-century “Concio”, the original production site.

Back in the beginning of the business, the roots, first milled by a big grindstone which is still in its original environment, were then boiled; the juice obtained was sifted, reduced and when still warm and soft, was hand-worked with great competence of young women who created Liquorice sticks and marbles.

In 1907 the futuristic steam boilers were installed, which technical features are presented in an article of the “Rivista Agraria dell’Università di Napoli” (Agrarian Journal of the University of Naples).

In 1919 the first metal cases, meant to preserve the Liquorice qualities, were launched, and then in the following years come the typical art-decò advertising images, of which some of the most successful recaptured in the following decades.

In 1970 the modernization process is complete and in 1987 comes the achievement of the gold medal from the Italian Chemical Society “Società Chimica Italiana” for its capability of combining traditional know-how and modern technology.

In the present day, the process of root selection, juice extraction, boiling and reduction occurs in wisely renovated departments, in compliance with all the current regulations, fully computerized and automatically controlled, but the finishing touch is up to the “Chief Liquorice-worker” (mastro liquiriziaio) who personally supervises the correct product solidification degree.
In this way a high quality Liquorice is obtained, completely natural, with no sweetners, no additives,a pleasant flavour and a matchless taste, which has brought Amarelli to be world leader in field of pure Liquorice.

Amarelli è la liquirizia italiana famosa nel mondo, dal 1731.

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