Colorizia: joy and vitality for a tasty liquorice

The most orginal Colorizia has been created thinking of children and their endless joy and vitality…Sweet and tasty liquorice! Small candy coated and gummy pieces of liquorice with anise, with pleasant natural colours to the delight of children and adults. Amarelli packaging protagonists are three funny penguins smiling at children and colouring the world up … Read more

Black Label: the liquorice absolute is coming

The liquorice absolute according to Amarelli, the “grand cru” of liquorice, from a great intuition to a magnificent reality. From selected roots gathered from the wonderful Sibari plain, following an ancient and uncomparable recipe of Amarelli tradition and using an original extraction method which appraises the organoleptic properties of liquorice, Amarelli creates the BLACK LABEL … Read more



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