Topinambur and Licorice Flan

flan topinambur liquirizia

Topinambur and Licorice Flan: a delicious refined and non-trivial appetizer, also perfect as a delicate side dish for a second course based on meat or fish. Typical ingredient of Piedmontese cuisine, Jerusalem artichoke, also called German turnip, cane truffle or Jerusalem artichoke, is a tuber with a consistency similar to potatoes and with a flavor … Read more

Sea Bass with Avocado, Licorice and Lime

spigola al cartoccio lime avocado liquirizia

Very few steps to make a tasty dish with fish that will leave no one disappointed. Cooking the sea bass in foil will allow you to better retain the taste, aroma and sauce, for an exceptional result. The foil will also save you some of the work necessary to remove residues and the smell of … Read more