Delicious Pancakes with Licorice and Pumpkin

Delicious Luna Park pancakes with licorice and pumpkin. Quick and ideal for your children’s snack or as a last-minute dessert! Ingrediants About 200 grams of flour 0 350 gr delica pumpkin (already cooked) 90 gr Sugar 2 tsp Baking powder for cakes 2 eggs 1 teaspoon of Amarelli Licorice Powder the grated rind of a … Read more

Crepes with Liquorice Cream

This time the blogger Francesca Laruffa reveals the recipe for one of her most delicious snacks. Crepes with Liquorice Cream and Nougat: a real pleasure for the palate! A delicious dish ready in just ten minutes. Excellent as a snack, as a breakfast, for Sunday brunch or even as a dessert! Ingrediants About 200 gr … Read more