Recipe of the Liqueur with Walnuts and Licorice

Here’s how to prepare the Nocino liqueur in its delicious variant: the Nocino flavored with Licorice. Every year on June 24, on the occasion of the feast of San Giovanni, the walnuts are harvested to make this excellent and fragrant liqueur. They must be harvested still green before the morning dew settles on them. If […]

Discover the beneficial properties of the Licorice infusion

Delicious and invigorating Amarelli Liquorice Tea, perfect as a warm pampering drink in the evening, but also ideal as a thirst-quenching drink during the warmer seasons. The Licorice infusion is in any case a real panacea for our body. Let’s discover its innumerable properties. Among the beneficial effects of licorice tea there are purifying and […]

Tiramisu with Easter Colomba, Licorice and dark Chocolate

Here is the perfect solution to recycle the leftover Easter Colomba, but also to offer your guests an original dessert at the end of the Easter lunch. Through this delicious recipe by Francesca Laruffa, the traditional Easter cake is transformed into a delicious spoon dessert with the addition of dark chocolate and licorice flakes. A […]

Zeppole of Saint Joseph with Liquorice and Clementines

On March 19, St. Joseph’s Day, Father’s Day is celebrated throughout Italy. Traditional dessert of this occasion is the zeppola di San Giuseppe, typical in particular of Campania, but known throughout Italy. Zeppola is a cream puff or a donut of fried or baked choux pastry, filled with cream and decorated with black cherries or […]