Recipe of the Liqueur with Walnuts and Licorice

Here’s how to prepare the Nocino liqueur in its delicious variant: the Nocino flavored with Licorice. Every year on June 24, on the occasion of the feast of San Giovanni, the walnuts are harvested to make this excellent and fragrant liqueur. They must be harvested still green before the morning

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Homemade Liquorice Grappa Recipe

Homemade Grappa is one of the many recipes that we can prepare with Liquorice. Depending on your taste, served cold, with ice or at room temperature. Excellent as a meditation distillate, but also suitable as a digester after a large meal. Liquorice Grappa goes perfectly with dark chocolate, with a

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Liquore alla liquirizia fatto in casa

Homemade Licorice Liqueur

Ingredients 200 gr of Amarelli Liquorice Powder 1,5 lt of Natural Mineral Water 1.2 kg of refined sugar 1 liter of alcohol at 95 ° Method: For all Liquorice lovers, here is the very simple recipe of a liqueur that is made in a few simple steps and in a

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Chocolate and licorice liqueur cream

Chocolate and licorice liqueur cream   Ingredients Doses for 600 ml of liquorice and chocolate liqueur cream: 190 g of extra dark chocolate 56% 250 gr of fresh cream 200 gr of milk 40 gr of brown sugar 2 teaspoons of licorice powder 50 ml of 95 ° alcohol “

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