flan topinambur liquirizia

Topinambur and Licorice Flan

Topinambur and Licorice Flan: a delicious refined and non-trivial appetizer, also perfect as a delicate side dish for a second course based on meat or fish. Typical ingredient of Piedmontese cuisine, Jerusalem artichoke, also called German turnip, cane truffle or Jerusalem artichoke, is a tuber with a consistency similar to

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spigola al cartoccio lime avocado liquirizia

Sea Bass with Avocado, Licorice and Lime

Very few steps to make a tasty dish with fish that will leave no one disappointed. Cooking the sea bass in foil will allow you to better retain the taste, aroma and sauce, for an exceptional result. The foil will also save you some of the work necessary to remove

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Risotto with Scampi and Licorice

This week we discover together with Laruffa Food, the recipe for a main course with fish of great effect: risotto with Scampi and Licorice. A delicate and very elegant dish, made even more refined with the addition of Licorice Powder. Try making this simple recipe that will ensure you an

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Liquorice Cheesecake without cooking

Here’s one of our favorite desserts, no-bake cheesecake. Simple, fast and infinitely good. Among the desserts a great classic, but in this version even more greedy and original thanks to the secret ingredient: Liquorice Powder. A fresh and creamy dessert, ideal during the summer but delicious in all seasons. The

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Homemade Liquorice Grappa Recipe

Homemade Grappa is one of the many recipes that we can prepare with Liquorice. Depending on your taste, served cold, with ice or at room temperature. Excellent as a meditation distillate, but also suitable as a digester after a large meal. Liquorice Grappa goes perfectly with dark chocolate, with a

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crema di liquirizia golosa con panna montata e biscotti

Greedy Liquorice Cream with Biscuit Crumble

A recipe from your summer menu: the Greedy Liquorice Cream with soft whipped cream and biscuit crumble. An incredibly good and super simple  dessert. Perfect for a sweet ending to a dinner with friends. The  Food Blogger and Food Artist Laruffa reveals her secret recipe for a mouth-watering cream! Ingredients

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paccheri vongole e polvere di liquirizia amarelli

Paccheri with Clams and Licorice Powder

Here is a tasty first course of fish that will not leave your guests indifferent! Laruffa Food explains how to cook it. Ingredients for two people Extra virgin olive oil 1 red onion from Tropea Amarelli Licorice Powder to taste half a kilo of lupine clams 180 g of paccheri,

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Liquorice Cake with Lemon Cream

Here is the new recipe for a soft Liquorice Sponge Cake, filled with Lemon Cream. The food blogger and food artist Laruffa explains how to prepare it with Thermomix or without Thermomix. Also this time the result is amazing! INGREDIENTS For the Liquorice Sponge Cake: 30g of Amarelli Licorice Powder

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