Liquorice Cheesecake without cooking

Here’s one of our favorite desserts, no-bake cheesecake. Simple, fast and infinitely good. Among the desserts a great classic, but in this version even more greedy and original thanks to the secret ingredient: Liquorice Powder. A fresh and creamy dessert, ideal during the summer but delicious in all seasons. The simple preparation of the cheesecake […]

Greedy Liquorice Cream with Biscuit Crumble

crema di liquirizia golosa con panna montata e biscotti

A recipe from your summer menu: the Greedy Liquorice Cream with soft whipped cream and biscuit crumble. An incredibly good and super simple  dessert. Perfect for a sweet ending to a dinner with friends. The  Food Blogger and Food Artist Laruffa reveals her secret recipe for a mouth-watering cream! Ingredients 500 g of whole milk […]

chocolates with spelt and licorice

for 12/15 for chocolates 100 g of dark chocolate 75% venchi 25 g puffed spelt (or rice, breakfast cereals …) 2 teaspoons of liquorice  powder Amarelli Melt the chocolate pieces in a water bath, pour into a bowl over puffed spelt. Stir with a wooden spoon to mix everything well. Sprinkle with liquorice powder and mix again well […]

Soft Amarelli liquorice ice-cream on Neapolitan butternut squash sauce.

Mario e Francesco Sposito Brusciano (NA) Ingredients: 770 gr. water 400 gr. granulated sugar 3 kg. butternut squash 3 vanilla beans 175 gr. milk 175 gr. fresh cream 34 % 100 gr. Amarelli powder Liquorice 50 gr. sugar 45 gr. glucose 80 gr. butter 30 gr. almond flour 90 gr. flour 00 For the […]