Licorice and Design: Lodola signs the new Limited Edition

With Amarelli, art and design become prêt-à-porter. To the delight of admirers and collectors, the work The face of others, by the artist Marco Lodola, whose reproduction in recent months was donated by the producer Lucio Presta to the Giorgio Amarelli Liquorice Museum, will wear LODOLA, the new pack of 40 gr of Licorice Confetti with anise. In its pop version, the can will be available in the next few days in the stores and online in a Limited Edition.

This is what Fortunato and Margherita Amarelli, respectively managing director and commercial and marketing director of the entrepreneurial and family experience, make known, protagonist in recent days on Télévision française 1 (TF1), the first French television channel for ratings, with the service dedicated to the recipe authentic licorice.

A true icon of the brand and of the cultural enterprise, launched in 1919, the tin box is a timeless design object that does not end in its function as a container. It is not only used to store quality licorice, to always keep at hand, but it is much more.
It is an exercise in style, storytelling, history; it is beauty and creativity.

Opening the package, in addition to the aniseed licorice, you will find a scroll with the story of the work signed by the artist who in 2021 was also called upon by Dior to recreate works in the various international boutiques of the fashion house. The shared goal is to enhance and stimulate the combination of art-culture-business. (Source: Amarelli Srl / Giorgio Amarelli Liquorice Museum – Institutional / Strategic Communication – Lenin Montesanto Communication & Lobbying)



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