Mega Crystal Gold

Consistency: Solid liquorice, Sugar coated liquorice
Taste: Black liquorice, liquorice flavoured with anise, Liquorice flavoured with mint
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Mega Crystal Gold

The perfect gift for the real liquorice lover; it’s a complete selection of 8 different liquorice tastes and an immersion in the tasty world of this amazing root.

The elegant wooden box, with plexiglass closure and Amarelli brand, contains: Spezzatina 100gr,Rombetti 100gr, Favette 100gr, Sassolini 100gr, Bianconeri 100gr., Rossa 40gr, Arlecchino 40gr, Green 40gr, Sassolini 40gr, Bianconeri 40gr, Liquorice liqueur 50cl. 

Sizes: width 40 cm, height 11.5 cm, lenght 29.5 cm