Mini Crystal Bronze

Consistency: Solid liquorice, Sugar coated liquorice
Taste: Black liquorice, liquorice flavoured with anise, Liquorice flavoured with mint
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Mini Crystal Bronze

This little plexiglass box is a triumph of colours, which contains the little Amarelli tins of 20 gr.

In this small gift package, there is the collection of the historical tins, decorated with old pictures from the Archive of the House. It’s ideal for those, who always carry the liquorice with them. 

This refined wooden box, with plexiglass closure and Amarelli brand, contains: Old england 20gr, Cuore 20gr,  Beach 20gr, Barone Amarelli 20gr, Bianconeri 20gr, Sky 20gr, Rossa 20gr, Sky Magenta 20gr, Nanetti 20gr.

Sizes: width 24.5 cm, height 9.5 cm, lenght 22 cm