Marinated scallops with yogurt, liquorice powder, smoked salt and celery



For 4 people:
• 8 scallops
• 2 celery costs
liquorice powder
• 50 gr greek yogurt
• extra virgin olive oil
• salt
• smoked salt in crystals
• pepper


1. Shell the scallops obtaining the pulp and rinse them well.
2. After having dried them carefully, use a sharp knife to make 4 thin slices for each.
In a bowl, season the Greek yogurt with salt,
3. Oil and pepper.
4. After removing the hard celery filaments, cut it into julienne strips and leave it in water and ice.
5. Place the scallop slices on the plate, season with smoked salt crystals, a sprinkle of liquorice powder,
the yogurt sauce and the celery

Credits: Happy Food, Chef Daniele Usai


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