Homemade Licorice Liqueur

Liquore alla liquirizia fatto in casa


  • 200 gr of Amarelli Liquorice Powder
  • 1,5 lt of Natural Mineral Water
  • 1.2 kg of refined sugar
  • 1 liter of alcohol at 95 °


For all Liquorice lovers, here is the very simple recipe of a liqueur that is made in a few simple steps and in a short time, using one of Amarelli’s flagship products: Liquorice Powder.

The preparation of this liquorice liqueur is quick and the result is really exceptional!

In a non-stick pan with a capacity of at least 5 liters, bring 1.5 liters of plain water to the boil.

Add 1.2 kg of sugar and 200 g of Amarelli Liquorice Powder, adding it progressively through a sieve and continuing to mix until the powder and sugar dissolved.

Then turn off the heat and continue stirring the syrup until it cools.

Once this has reached room temperature, add 1 liter of 95 ° alcohol, stirring the mixture with a spoon or ladle to mix the syrup and alcohol.

It’s time to bottle our delicious elixir!

Once you have poured your mixture, remember to shake the bottle that contains it from time to time, to avoid accumulations or lumps of liquorice on the bottom.

You can enjoy this delicious and fresh homemade licorice liqueur right away. But by letting it rest for a month or two we will be able to enjoy its unique and refreshing flavour at the maximum of its organoleptic properties.

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