Homemade Liquorice Grappa Recipe

Homemade Grappa is one of the many recipes that we can prepare with Liquorice.
Depending on your taste, served cold, with ice or at room temperature. Excellent as a meditation distillate, but also suitable as a digester after a large meal. Liquorice Grappa goes perfectly with dark chocolate, with a dessert, but also with a good cheese.
Seeing is believing!
The process is very simple. A matter of a few minutes. Just let it rest a little (approx. 30 days), then you can surprise your guests with your special homemade Grappa.
  • 1 liter of grappa.
  • 50g Amarelli Licorice Powder or alternatively 50g Amarelli Licorice Roots cut into small pieces.
  • 50 g sugar (if you want a soft grappa, you can prepare the grappa without adding sugar to get a drier and more decisive taste).
  • Sterilize a bottle and let it dry perfectly.
  • Mix the ingredients together in the bottle.
  • Shake the bottle well to mix them together.
  • Let the grappa rest for 30 days.
  • Filter the grappa.

Now the grappa can be tried! Try it with an ice cube and a few mint leaves.

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