Soft Amarelli liquorice ice-cream on Neapolitan butternut squash sauce.

Mario e Francesco Sposito
Brusciano (NA)

770 gr. water
400 gr. granulated sugar
3 kg. butternut squash
3 vanilla beans
175 gr. milk
175 gr. fresh cream 34 %
100 gr. Amarelli powder Liquorice
50 gr. sugar
45 gr. glucose
80 gr. butter
30 gr. almond flour

90 gr. flour 00

For the butternut squash sauce
Peel the butternut squash, dice, place into a capacious saucepan with 650 gr. of water, 250 gr. of sugar and the vanilla beans. Bring to boiling point and then leave to simmer on a low flame for 9 minutes.

In the end blend, sift and leave mixture to cool.

For the soft ice-cream

In a small saucepan pour milk, cream, 50 gr of sugar and bring mixture to 83°, keep temperture constant for 1 minute, add Amarelli Liquorice and blend.
In the end pour the mixture in batch freezer.

For the almond “shingles”
Boil 120 gr. water, the glucose and 100 gr. of sugar, cool until 40 ° then add butter, almond flour and flour 00. Cook the mixture at 150° for 6 minutes.

Plate presentation idea:
In a small soup bowl, put 2 spoons of squash sauce, place ice-cream in the middle and complete with almond brittle.




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