Liquorice Herbal Tea 100gr

Consistency: Liquorice Herbal Tea
Taste: Black liquorice
Package: 100 gr
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Liquorice Herbal Tea 100gr

“Liquorice herbal tea” – Selected roots of the liquorice plant, called Glycyrrhiza Glabra, sliced thinly and perfect for a digestive infusion. Packed in a transparent cellophane bag to highlight the naturalness of the product.
Jar plastic PVC in food airtight
Liquorice, very tasty is also digestive, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and protective of the gastric mucosa.
The preparation is simple, put to boil water in a teapot once once boiling add a teaspoon of tea per person and boil for 3 minutes ,. The next step is to close the pot and leave to infuse the content of a minimum of five and a maximum of ten minutes. No need to add sugar, add honey to enhance the soothing cough.

– Properties: digestive, anti-inflammatory, refreshing, expectorant
– Taste: Liquorice
– Packaging: 100gr