Licorice Catalan Cream Recipe

Let’s find out the recipe for one of the most popular spoon desserts in the world: the Catalan cream, originally from Catalonia and here in its Licorice version. A very soft and creamy dessert flavored with lemon and covered with a thin and crunchy layer of caramelized sugar. Francesca Laruffa

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Recipe of Halloween Spiders: Chocolate and Licorice treats

The witches’ party is coming and we are preparing ourselves by cooking … spiders! Cute desserts to make together with your children for the Halloween party. Quick, easy and delicious, these Halloween treats are made of crumbled dry biscuits, dark chocolate, hazelnuts and licorice. Here is Francesca Laruffa’s recipe. Ingredients

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Recipe of Dried Figs with Nuts and Licorice

Let’s find out how to prepare homemade dried figs stuffed with walnuts, in the delicious variant with Amarelli Liquorice Powder. A truly delicious recipe that will give us the scent of summer throughout the year. Dried figs can in fact be stored for a long time and consumed during the

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Non-alcoholic Mint and Licorice Sorbet

Here is the recipe for the freshest and tastiest dessert of the summer: Mint and Licorice Sorbet. A creamy ice cream in which the intensity of Licorice blends with the freshness of Mint for an exceptional result! Refreshing and digestive, the non-alcoholic Mint and Licorice Sorbet is the ideal dessert

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Recipe of the Liqueur with Walnuts and Licorice

Here’s how to prepare the Nocino liqueur in its delicious variant: the Nocino flavored with Licorice. Every year on June 24, on the occasion of the feast of San Giovanni, the walnuts are harvested to make this excellent and fragrant liqueur. They must be harvested still green before the morning

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Recipe of Apple and Licorice Jam

Let’s prepare together the Apple and Licorice Jam, a special jam in which the sweet-sour taste of Apples blends with the aromatic and intense notes of Licorice to create a unique and delicious combination, the perfect remedy for coughs and sore throats. To prepare it we follow the recipe of

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How to prepare Cake Pops with Chocolate and Licorice

Here is a colorful and fun recipe that children can prepare together with their fathers or grandparents, giving shape to beautiful chocolate sweets in the shape of lollipops and with the colors of the rainbow. This year for Mother’s Day, let’s prepare Cake Pops with Chocolate and Licorice together, desserts

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