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Beer and Liquorice Box


Una vera esplosione di gusti e colori in una box regalo elegante e originale.
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An original gift box for all those who are looking for new flavors and intense sensations. In a single gift idea many sizes of Licorice and the excellent, inimitable Amarelli Beer: a blonde craft beer with natural fermentation, flavored with Licorice.
Taste: Black liquorice, Liquorice, Liquorice flavoured with anise
Specialty: Colorizia, Liquorice roots, Spezzatina

An elegant and original gift box for lovers of liquorice and craft beer. From the unique taste of the Roots to the full and decisive one of the Liquorice Beer, through the irresistible goodness of the soft Gelèe to the Clementines of Calabria and Licorice.

The box contains:

  • Blonde Beer 75 cl: craft beer with a strong taste and intense unpasteurized natural refermentation in the bottle, flavored with Liquorice roots.
  • Orange Morette 60g: Gummy licorice flavored with orange
  • Assabesi 60g: Licorice with Anise Gum
  • Sassolini 60g: Liquorice coated with anise
  • Bianconeri 60g: Liquorice coated with mint
  • Liquorice Gelèe 60g: Gummy candies with a very soft heart of clementines
  • Tangerines Gelèe 60g: Delicious Liquorice candies covered with fine sugar.
  • 4 loose Liquorice Roots: high quality licorice roots, 100% Calabrian

Dimensions: width 40cm, height 11.5cm, length 29.5cm.

The beer is in a 75 cl bottle of dark glass with a seductive and refined line.

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Beer and Liquorice Box




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