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Liquorice Selection Box


Liquorice for all tastes, in one elegant and original gift box!
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In a gift box a special selection of Licorice in many different sizes and flavors. From Liquor to Liquorice, Chocolates to Milk and Dark Chocolate, chocolates to Coffee and Licorice, Licorice gummy and coated flavored with Mint, Orange, Lemon, Clementine di Calabria IGP, Violet.
Taste: Black liquorice, Liquorice flavoured with anise, Liquorice flavoured with mint
Specialty: Bianconeri, Favette, Rombetti, Sassolini, Spezzatina

An elegant wooden gift box with plexiglass closure and Amarelli brand, containing:

  • Liqueur 50Cl: Delicate and vigorous liquorice, born from the passion of two ancient Italian houses, Amarelli and Strega
  • Confettini 80g: White chocolate and licorice confetti
  • Milk Chocolate Bonbons 200g: Milk chocolates filled with liquorice
  • Dark Chocolate Bonbons 200g: Dark chocolates filled with liquorice
  • Coffee Beans 80g: Coffee beans covered with dark chocolate liquorice
  • Spezzatina 100g: small pieces of licorice with an intense and unmistakable taste
  • Rombetti 100g: liquorice shaped in small diamonds with delicate natural aroma of anise
  • Mint Favette 100g: Liquorice cut into small rectangles, flavored with a fresh hint of natural mint
  • Tangerines Favette 100g: small rectangles of liquorice with the aroma of Clementine di Calabria PGI
  • Senatori 100g: Licorice gummy flavored with violet
  • Lemon Morette 100g: Gummy licorice flavored with lemon
  • Orange Morette 100g: Gummy licorice flavored with orange
  • Barchette 100g: Gummy Licorice with mint
  • Assabesi 100g: Licorice with anise gum
  • Sassolini 100g: Liquorice coated with anise
  • Bianconeri 100g: Liquorice coated with mint

Dimensions: width 40cm, height 11.5cm, length 29.5cm

Consistency: Soft liquorice, Solid liquorice, Sugar coated liquorice
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Liquorice Selection Box




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