The best licorice in the world, according to the authoritative text of the Britannica Encyclopedia is made in Calabria. It is a spontaneous plant that belongs to the legume family with the scientific name of Glycyrrhiza Glabra and has been known for over 35 centuries, from its roots comes a juice recognized over time for its pleasantness and therapeutic virtues.

After harvesting the roots on nearby lands through the different processing stages, with a successful blend of craftsmanship and technology, the raw root stick becomes fragrant, black and shiny licorice. The processes of root selection, juice extraction, cooking and concentration are carried out in departments that are now sophisticatedly computerized, but the final touch is still the master liquorice maker; that personally supervises the right degree of solidification of the product. The thick, black, glossy and fragrant dough takes from this moment the desired shapes through a series of prototype machinery resulting from the centenary company experience.

This is how the Spezzata, the Rombetti, the Favette, the Bianconeri and the Sassolini of Amarelli are born. Finally, all the liquorices are contained in colorful packages and in the iconic metal boxes that reproduce ancient images, taken from the Amarelli House collection archives and new original and unique designs created just for Amarelli.



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