Beer Flavoured with licorice: food pairing and characteristics

birra alla liquirizia

With what drink licorice beer with: the best pairings

Considering the organoleptic properties of licorice beer, it is a good rule to know the products and recipes that best match this type of drink: in this way not only does it avoid distorting the hints on the palate, but it is also amplified the pleasant taste, allowing a happy marriage in the mouth between different aromas.

If you choose Amarelli Licorice Beer, a non-pasteurized craft beer with natural refermentation in the bottle, characterized by a full-bodied and full-bodied taste, you can range for example from mozzarella to grilled meat, even going from the usual fish crudités usually associate only with classic bubbles.

Just to make an example of a menu with courses that combine with Liquorice Beer, here are the dishes that accompanied it recently during the prestigious appointment “The great dinners at Eataly Lingotto” in which the famous chef and Silvio Greco cooked:

  • appetizer: buffalo mozzarella on cherry tomatoes and olives
  • first dish: Gragnano pacchieri with buffalo ragù
  • second dish: buffalo stew with baked potatoes
  • dessert: Delight of chocolate and ricotta

As you can see, a good licorice beer is very versatileand it will be well combined with numerous food usually considered impractical which are instead particularly suitable.

Where to find licorice beer

If you want to try to experiment with your personal home made technique, you can indulge yourself by buying directly Licorice powder, Pure Licorice or even Root sticks.

If instead you have little time / desire, but you want to enjoy a quality beer flavoured with the finest Calabrian Licorice, then you do not need to make any effort: on our online shop you will find Licorice blonde and darrk Beer in 75 cl bottle.

Discover Amarelli Licorice Beers

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