Pandoro with Mascarpone Cream and Licorice Glaze

Who is not tired of the usual Christmas sweets? Panettone, Pandoro, Torrone, Panforte … all delicious, but always the same. Here then is the Pandoro Magico di Natale: a Pandoro stuffed with delicious Mascarpone Cream and Licorice Glaze and embellished with a light shower of gold leaves. This year your

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Delicious Pancakes with Licorice and Pumpkin

Delicious Luna Park pancakes with licorice and pumpkin. Quick and ideal for your children’s snack or as a last-minute dessert! Ingrediants About 200 grams of flour 0 350 gr delica pumpkin (already cooked) 90 gr Sugar 2 tsp Baking powder for cakes 2 eggs 1 teaspoon of Amarelli Licorice Powder

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Crepes with Liquorice Cream

This time the blogger Francesca Laruffa reveals the recipe for one of her most delicious snacks. Crepes with Liquorice Cream and Nougat: a real pleasure for the palate! A delicious dish ready in just ten minutes. Excellent as a snack, as a breakfast, for Sunday brunch or even as a

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biscotti di Halloween alla liquirizia

Licorice Halloween Cookies without molds

Between trick and treat we certainly choose the trick! Here is the very simple recipe to make some cute Halloween licorice cookies in the spookiest shapes at home … even without molds, working the mixture when it is still cold and using a smooth blade knife. A very quick and

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Liquorice Cheesecake without cooking

Here’s one of our favorite desserts, no-bake cheesecake. Simple, fast and infinitely good. Among the desserts a great classic, but in this version even more greedy and original thanks to the secret ingredient: Liquorice Powder. A fresh and creamy dessert, ideal during the summer but delicious in all seasons. The

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crema di liquirizia golosa con panna montata e biscotti

Greedy Liquorice Cream with Biscuit Crumble

A recipe from your summer menu: the Greedy Liquorice Cream with soft whipped cream and biscuit crumble. An incredibly good and super simple  dessert. Perfect for a sweet ending to a dinner with friends. The  Food Blogger and Food Artist Laruffa reveals her secret recipe for a mouth-watering cream! Ingredients

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Liquorice Cake with Lemon Cream

Here is the new recipe for a soft Liquorice Sponge Cake, filled with Lemon Cream. The food blogger and food artist Laruffa explains how to prepare it with Thermomix or without Thermomix. Also this time the result is amazing! INGREDIENTS For the Liquorice Sponge Cake: 30g of Amarelli Licorice Powder

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Chocolate and liquorice truffles

INGREDIENTS: • 150 GR CREAM • 75 GR BUTTER • 400 GR WHITE CHOCOLATE • 10 GR AMARELLI LIQUORICE POWDER • DARK CHOCOLATE 60% • UNSWEETENED COCOA POWDER PREPARATION 1. Start the evening before. Boil the cream, add the chopped butter and the white chocolate and melt, out of the

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